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Antoneely Calizaya


I am Antoneely, Peruvian, a data analyst in training based in Melbourne.

I'm a curious and lifelong learner, and I have become fascinated by a wide variety of business challenges I had encountered throughout my career. I'm currently pursuing a Master’s in Business Analytics and have a Bachelor’s in Management and Marketing. I'm passionate about data-driven decision making and enjoys working with complex data problems.

I've six years of experience including a mid-level position in management, developing projects and implementing strategies. When I matched my passions and interests, it was clear that I wanted to learn as much as I could about data analysis, data science, machine learning, and new technologies. My favourite new platforms are Alteryx and Tableau.


I’m constantly seeking new things to learn and I'm always up for new ways to challenge myself. I find fascinating books about the brain, creativity, subconscious mind, and mindfulness. I enjoy hosting meetups related to fun outdoor activities. The latest hobbies I enjoy are pole fitness, video editing, illustrating with my Wacom, and I’m looking to join a footy team.


My long-term goal is to use all my data superpowers to contribute to improving access to equitable and quality education, emphasising rural areas, and vulnerable populations.

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